Pickleball is a racquet sport played with a ball, paddles and a tennis net. The game is easy to learn. It can develop into a fast-paced competitive sport for experienced players. Pickleball is addictive. It is hard to find an individual who has played the game that does not enjoy it. Pickleball is a rare sport in that an experienced player 60 years old or more is able to compete with a younger athletic individual half their age on an equal footing. 

The pickleball is a whiffle ball. An outdoor pickleball has smaller holes then an indoor ball to reduce the effects of the wind. An interesting aspect of the game is the sound of the paddle striking the ball. The sound emitted while hitting the pickleball with the paddle is a bit of a "clunk". As most games are played as doubles, having four people hitting the ball back and forth there is a "clunk clunk clunk" sound. To the chagrin of some tennis players, pickleball players seem to enjoy the audio aspect of the game.